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Tsibele is a band led by women, queer and non-binary musicians that plays Moldovan/Bessarabian music and the music of Jewish migrants from Europe to America. They create unusual compositions for full klezmer band that, while within the klezmer idiom, also challenge its boundaries. The repertoire features songs with a liberatory message, found through archival research and the work of ethnographers like Eleanor Mlotek, Ethel Raim, Ruth Rubin. At a time of political upheaval around questions of gender and immigration, this work is urgently needed. In 2017, Tsibele released their debut album, "It's Dark Outside", which is receiving acclaim across the klezmer sphere for its dark and innovative original arrangements of Yiddish songs. The album explores the themes of life under capitalism, tyranny and heteropatriarchy, and includes at least one love song. Tsibele features Zoë Aqua (violin, vocals), Eva Boodman (trumpet, vocals), Zoë Guigueno (bass, vocals), Hannah Temple (accordion, vocals) and Eléonore Weill (flutes, vocals, hurdy-gurdy).

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Saturday, August 17

1:00pm EDT