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Matt the Electrician's music career has spanned the course of two decades, a dozen records, and thousands of shows. His music, however, remains rooted in his blue-collar electrician beginnings with lyricism that embraces the mundane, day-to-day, and beauty of the ordinary. Matt spent his earliest years listening to John Denver and Peter Seeger on the family record player, surrounded by the things that would later fill his own music: acoustic guitars, timeless melodies, lyrics that celebrated the joys and heartaches of everyday life, and—above all else—a strong work ethic.

In Austin in the mid-1990s, Matt was playing music and in need of a steady day job, so he began working as an electrician. He spent his days wiring houses in the Texas heat, after which he'd grab his guitar and drive himself to an evening show. He usually ended up taking the stage in his work boots and sweaty clothes. "Hi; I'm Matt the Electrician," he'd tell the crowd, hoping his occupation would help explain his appearance. The name stuck, even after his growing fan base at home, as well as abroad, allowed him to hang up his pliers for good.

Matt released a double CD in 2017 called The Doubles. The CD's are the culmination of a 2-year vinyl 45 collaborative project, mixed with his current touring trio, consisting of two backup singers.

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