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There is something truly extraordinary about Juno Award–nominee Kellie Loder. It’s there in her immensely poignant lyrics, which are set against dazzling, melodic folk/pop. And it’s there in the singer/songwriter’s electrifying live shows which simultaneously inspire profound emotion in listeners while cracking them up with sparkling anecdotes. If Loder isn’t breaking your heart, she’s splitting your sides. Those contrasting yet somehow complementary sensibilities doubtless stem from Loder’s native Newfoundland and Labrador, a rugged and remote place steeped in storytelling tradition and where comedy and tragedy are twin markers for successfully navigating life, a point documented by legions of legendary artists from the region. Loder is poised to ascend those rarefied ranks. For proof, witness her brilliant and emotive third album, Benefit of the Doubt, which elevates whatever subject Loder happens to be highlighting, from intoxicating love (the mesmerizing ballad "Playground") to the exquisite pain of growing apart (the downcast "Boxes," already a radio hit and winner of the 2017 MusicNL Video of The Year Award). Whatever the theme, each song on Benefit of the Doubt soars on Loder’s skilful piano, guitar, and especially on her radiantly soulful voice. That Loder also co-produced eight of Benefit of the Doubt’s 10 original tracks “makes me feel more connected to this project than any other I've done before,” she confirms. “To some degree all these songs came relatively easy because I knew what I wanted to say." Indeed, the scope and skill of the songs on Benefit of the Doubt also handily demonstrate why Loder is fast-emerging as a sought-after songwriter both at home and Stateside among marquee collaborators including — but not limited to — Justin Gray (John Legend, Mariah Carey, Amy Winehouse), Ari Rhodes (Ryan O’Shaughnessy, Michelle Treacy), and acclaimed fellow Newfoundlanders Damhnait Doyle and Jerry Stamp. Anyone who has heard Loder or watched her perform knows one thing is certain: she is a towering talent about to explode on the world stage.

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